• Dairy

    Dairy products are considered to be basic nutrients throughout the world. The netherlands is renowned for its excellent cheese and we work with the best cheesemaker in the country. Besides dutch cheese we supply all kinds of foreign cheeses. In combination with our special ports and wines these cheeses make for a wonderful culinary experience.

  • Dry stores

    Magnificent meats and the finest fish deserve to be supported by the best accompaniments. Neko yacht supply bv offers all kinds of dry stores from mcdougalls plain flour to reggae reggae sauce.

  • Fruit & vegetables

    Our partner in fruit and vegetables is a family owned business with feeling and passion for their products. When it comes to global import and export of the entire range of traditional and more exotic fruit and vegetables, we bring continents together by working with well trained inspectors, corresponding certificates, quality labels and track- and trace systems. We strive for the best possible products available. Whether you would like Dutch grown sweet peppers, Tasmanian cherries, Malaysian star fruit, African avocados or Brazilian mangos, you have come to the right place.

  • Meat

    NeKo Yacht Supply BV has been a traditional high quality supplier working together with butchers with over 120 years of experience. Together we take care of tailor-made deliveries. We consider the professional selection, preparation and distribution of our meat to be an art. It is our mission to offer meat of a constant high quality to chefs who believe and share our philosophy.

  • Fish

    In our opinion there is no better feeling than cutting through the water with the bow of your yacht sailing the oceans worldwide freedom. To capture this feeling we have to treat the ocean as we do our yachts: with love and care. That is why NeKo Yacht Supply BV supplies the best fish from the best fishermen all over the world. NeKo Yacht Supply BV bv strongly recommends fish that is in season: quality before quantity. The advantages of placing an order with NeKo Yacht Supply BV are simple: we work with fishermen with over 120 years of experience. Fishing nowadays is all about innovation. Better techniques, better results and last but not least: an environmentally friendly system

  • Beverage & spirits

    Whether it be Tasmanian rainwater or French champagne, NeKo Yacht Supply BV provides the best products from great sources. We are specialized in making your life easier; with our worldwide connections we offer all spirits and beverages you would like.

  • Galley equipment

    Over the past years we have been privileged to work with top chefs in the industry to equip some of the nicest galleys on board. From kasumi knives to thermomix machines, we are able to supply your every need.

  • Medical

    Safety first, there is no room for mistakes on board. That is why NeKo Yacht Supply BV advocates your yacht be fully MCA compliant. NeKo Yacht Supply BV offers fully equipped emergency kits from high standard first-aid bags to defibrillators. We also have all kinds of medicines and vitamins available.

  • Diving

    There are a large number of sports involving water. With our specialists we take water sports to the next level. With NeKo Yacht Supply BV fun will be safe and easy. Our team, including padi certified divers, will be glad to consult you about the latest diving equipment and superyacht toys.

  • Deck & engine

    NeKo Yacht Supply BV provides all necessary equipment to keep a yacht in perfect operating order. Maintaining your yacht is only possible when you have the best products available. From cleaning to painting, communication devices to fenders, ropes to anchors. Be assured that you will find what you are looking for. For all your deck and engine supplies you can rely on receiving the best quality and service worldwide by the team of NeKo Yacht Supply BV.

  • Customized yachtwear

    NeKo Yacht Supply BV has established relationships with premium partners, ensuring your crew look their very best. Embroidery offers a stylish option for garment personalisation, so you do not have to settle for standard yacht wear. From base layers to outerwear, NeKo Yacht Supply BV supplies it all.

  • Fitness Equipment

    Being in good shape only offers benefits. It gives you more energy, makes you feel happier and makes you react calmly in stressful situations. And of course a fit crew is something to wish for. For this, NeKo Yacht Supply BV is well connected with the fitness industry. The perfect quality and good looks of the fitness equipment will make it blend in perfectly with the interior of your yacht.