Welcome to the NeKo Yacht Supply website! We are proud to say that we can run a business from our passions; food, yachts and luxury. Those passions in combination with our Dutch mentality will make sure that NeKo Yacht Supply is the best solution for all the needs of your yacht. PleaseĀ  browse through our website and get the NeKo feeling. Enjoy.


NeKo Yacht Supply BV is a worldwide yacht supplier providing the finest food, professional technique equipment and tailor-made services. We supply all yachts which appreciate a supplier who arrange everything after receiving the order. This to save time and prevent stress. We are truly the worldwide choice for mega yacht owners, captains, chefs and crew.


With offices in Rotterdam, Antibes and partnerships in the Caribbean and beyond, we are well placed to cover virtually every conceivable destination in the world. We strive for a personal contact with our clients worldwide to be at your service at any place and any time.


The products and services we supply are all individually adjusted to our clients. Any product on your wish list we will source from partners we have worked with for many years. From provisions to technical products, from medical products to stunning yacht toys. NeKo Yacht Supply BV loves to be your supplier. All provisioning products guarantee a thoroughly tested and quality professional preparation and delivery according to strictly controlled, hygienic conditions are required by law. (HACCP) NeKo Yacht Supply BV can provide all technical types of products for all the various departments and activities on board to keep a yacht in top operating order.


We understand very well that first-rate products are not always necessary. Most times there is a difference between an order for the guests and one for the crew. At NeKo Yacht Supply BV we consider this to be the difference between good and perfect quality. Instead of the tenderest Wagyu meat we can also offer a good piece of steak from specially selected meat. Please feel free to contact us for more information!


NeKo Yacht Supply BV has a great responsibility towards the environment. Our clients are privileged to sail the beautiful oceans of this world. NeKo Yacht Supply BV treats nature with respect. That is why we collect all our polystyrene boxes so that we can reuse or recycle them. We also use ecologically safe cleaning products and we drive environmentally friendly cars. On top of all that we work with suppliers who not only provide the best products but also take environment into account. Our commitment to sustainability.



NeKo Ship Supply BV